• Detailed, entertaining and wonderfully informative, a must-have for quiz aficionados and bibliophiles alike

    Kevin Ashman
  • Few quiz questions make you smile, laugh or gasp. James Walton's always do. The Penguin Book Quiz is unceasingly enormous fun

    Alan Connor, author of Two Girls, One on Each Knee and The Joy of Quiz
  • Quite possibly the greatest social lubricant since the invention of alcohol. An absolute delight

    John Preston, author of A Very English Scandal
  • The perfect gift for the sort of person (like me) who shouts the answers at University Challenge

    Lynne Truss, bestselling author of 'Eats, Shoots & Leaves' on 'Sonnets, Bonnets & Bennetts'
  • Fiendish, funny and endlessly surprising, James Walton has provided the perfect volume for anyone who loves books, relishes a quiz or just fancies showing off at a dinner party

    Mark Billingham, bestselling author of the Tom Thorne novels on 'Sonnets, Bonnets & Bennetts'
  • A must for those who think they know their literature . . . includes the unexpected, alongside the more serious

    Independent on 'Sonnets, Bonnets & Bennetts'
  • How nice it would be if the family would sit around the Boxing Day fireside considering the questions in affable competition

    Daily Telegraph on 'Sonnets, Bonnets & Bennetts'