• "Deeply, deeply unsettling and brilliant collection of short stories. Some feature horror, nearly all feature dread and, in the manner of Shirley Jackson, all will burrow their way into your brain and not let go."

  • "Her poetic, supernatural prose has lace edges of sticky, violent terror...Logan masters the format indubitably, channelling the spirit of Angela Carter... these tales seem to perfectly suit the unsettling times in which we live. Luckily for us, in writing these terrifying tales Logan, like Margaret Atwood or George Orwell, turns the big light on."

  • "Fans of Angela Carter and Shirley Jackson take note...Logan's prose shimmers with menace and her tightly wrought nightmares feel intensely real."

  • "Thoroughly haunting"

  • "Logan is truly one of the best contemporary horror writers. Inclusive, powerful and eerie, Things We Say in the Dark is a dark shimmering potion of both unease and nourishment. So go home, lock your doors and windows, but just know that your fears are in there with you."

    The Skinny
  • "Kirsty Logan has been compared to Angela Carter, Margaret Atwood and Jeanette Winterson, and although there are obvious similarities…Logan has her own distinct voice… Things We Say in the Dark is deliberately dream-like, or rather, nightmarish… [it] will make for the perfect trick-or-treat for adults"

    Chris Dobson, Wee Review
  • "Things We Say in the Dark perfectly illustrates Logan's command of the short form. In this contemporary collection, she invites you over the hearth for a storytelling session that goes right to our deepest, most closely guarded fears. The titles are a particular delight, with highlights such as 'Girls are Always Hungry When all the Men are Bite-Size' and 'Sleep, You Black-Eyed Pig, Fall into a Deep Pit of Ghosts'.Join Logan on an unsettling journey through the murkiest corners of her imagination, which is a fertile as it is expansive."